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Audrey Griffin

30th June 1947-18th December 2022

Audrey on our last holiday

It is better that the last image of my wife should have some joy in it.

For those who don't know, a brief summary of her life. She was born in Linslade, studied at Lady Margaret Hall at Oxford, reading "Mods and Greats" which is Greek and Latin language, literature, history and philosophy, getting a First and a good Second (after a viva for a First, which took three sessions spread over two days!). She was also on the college team in University Challenge. Then a Diploma in Classical Archeology with Distinction, and a Doctorate on Sikyon, which she was able to turn into a book published by Oxford University Press. Her academic career was mainly as a researcher for the British Academy on the Lexicon of Ancient Greek Personal Names. This came to include driving the Oxford University computer through the Cambridge University computer, by means of Janet, a precursor of the Internet. Eventually, she was able to turn to embroidery, and passed City and Guilds parts 1 and 2. Subsequently, she continued studying with Pauline, Gina and Ricki. The rest of the site show many of her works. She also produced ceramics and even some stone-carving. Later life was impaired by cataracts (successfully treated) and a damaged knee (replaced, but never fully recovering mobility), high blood pressure and diabetes. We met early in our university careers and eventually married at Oxford in 1972, and so we passed our fiftieth wedding anniversary.

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The funeral arrangements were as follows. The date was Thursday 26th January. There was a requiem in the old Anglo-Catholic form at St Alban's Liberal Catholic Church at 10:30. The committal was at Cambridge Crematorium East Chapel at 12:30. If you would like to see the order of service, it is available (in format for two sided printing with short edge binding) here. I will try to write up and make available a version of the address I gave at the committal. My appreciation to everybody who attended.

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