Burning a CD

Image of the CD

This was a City and Guilds Part II experimental sample. Part II students are encouraged to make use of unusual and recycled materials. When you come to think of it, a CD is like a giant sequin with an iridescent surface.

I have decorated this one with an ammonite shape in transfer paint. For the uninitiated, transfer paints are painted on to paper first and then ironed on to fabric, preferably synthetic.

This was an experiment to see whether the CD would take the colour, and it did. In addition, the heat of the iron caused the surface of the CD to become pitted, giving it an interesting texture.

The next step was to find a home for it. The background is of handmade paper with silver foil applied with bonding powder, hand stitched, Angelina and chiffon scarf bonded on top. Above the chiffon, as well as the CD, are pieces of Tyvek and metal, couched silver jap and beads. The main stitch used is raised chain band.

This piece was completed after a day school with Jan Beaney.

Health and Safety note: when using heat, whether from the iron, the soldering iron or the heat gun, always work in a well ventilated area. When ironing, sandwich your work between sheets of baking parchment to protect the iron and the ironing board. Even the most tolerant embroidery widower will not appreciate strange substances and blobs of colour on his best shirt!

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